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Our approach to Financial Planning, Investment Management and Risk Management

Financial Planning

The purpose of a financial plan we believe is to give the clarity and direction needed to illustrate what is required for our clients to be successful in reaching their financial goals.  It is critical that each individual goal has both a short and long-term focus in order to provide the understanding and confidence our clients need to be successful.  We understand that life does not always go the way we envision and is why our process relies on consistent communication and interaction with our clients to be sure everything is being done to keep them on the path to success.  

Investment Management 

We believe that investing is an essential component an individual’s ability to have the security and resources needed to support their families, businesses, and passions.  Our focus is to consistently grow our clients investments regardless of what is taking place in the markets, Politically, or around the world.  Our decision-making process combines our investment philosophy with our intellectual capital and research to help deliver the confidence and security our client’s need.

Risk Management 

The foundation of any plan or protecting our clients and their families is a priority for us and is easily overlooked.  We take the time to review each individual’s situation and discuss any potential situation that could disrupt their ability to reach their individual goals.  A detailed summary and review is provided to our clients and if needed recommendations to enhance their protection.

Estate Planning

A key step in protecting the families we work with is making sure that the actions have been taken to allow our clients end of life wishes are carried out.  Estate planning is an extremely important and often complex decision you need to make during your lifetime and we are there to help you every step of the way. Our estate specialists along with our network of attorney’s and accountants will provide the team you can trust to create a plan that works for your individual situation.


Charitable Giving

Giving back is the most rewarding things our clients do and we take the time to focus on what really matters to each of them and develop a plan for their lasting legacy. Charitable giving should be included in every plan.  Many people want to be generous and give back and all they need is the tools and guidance to allow them to be confident and not be overwhelmed with the process.  Our process and discussion present our clients with the ability to give back while enjoying the entire processes, just the way it should be.

As a full-service, financial services firm, we help our clients with the following:

We help our clients with:

  • Saving, budgeting, and cash flow planning
  • Retirement accumulation and distribution planning 
  • Social Security planning
  • Tax minimization strategies 
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Risk/liability analysis and management (insurance review)
  • College education planning 
  • Support and analysis for large/significant financial decisions (rent or buy?)
  • Investment and risk management
  • Individual, institutional, and non-profit portfolio management
  • 401k rollovers, 403b, TSPs, SEPs, SIMPLE IRAs, IRAs, ROTH IRAs